Live the Legend of Norway

About the Cruises:

Discover Norway's awe-inspiring beauty with a selection of captivating optional excursions, as you embark on a remarkable journey with Hurtigruten. Explore the nation's breathtaking landscapes, visit enchanting towns, and delve into its rich cultural heritage. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, history buff, or an adventurer at heart, these excursions are meticulously crafted to provide an unforgettable experience.

The Original Coastal Express is the classic Hurtigruten route, one that has drawn the coastal regions of Norway together for the past 130 years. This signature voyage, from two to 17 days, can include up to 34 different quaint village ports set within the country’s trademark fjords.

The Svalbard Express delivers a summertime adventure to the Land of the Midnight Sun, between Bergen, Norway, and the settlement of Longyearbyen on the remote region of Spitsbergen.

The North Cape Express lets you experience the beauty of the Norwegian coast in the wintertime, with the Northern Lights on full display. Enjoy full immersion in Norwegian heritage with an itinerary that delivers dramatic cliffs, picturesque inlets and traditional fjord-side towns.



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About Hurtigruten:

Hurtigruten is the world leader in sustainable adventure travel offering small-ship expeditions that provide authentic and immersive experiences to the most spectacular places on the planet. With a focus on active exploration, a legacy dating back to 1893, and an emphasis on science and education, you’ll discover the natural world as a modern-day explorer, in the most sustainable way.

At the heart of our expedition ships is a state-of-the-art Science Center, featuring advanced microscopes with an array of biological and geological slides. Our Expedition Team of experts share their vast knowledge through informative lectures and guide activities on board and ashore, from hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling to snowshoeing, camping, and more.

Journey to over 250 destinations across more than 30 countries, including Alaska, Antarctica, the Galápagos Islands, Greenland, Iceland, the Northwest Passage, Norway, Svalbard, West Africa, and more.

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"Live the Legend of Norway"